What made America the greatest nation on earth for over 200 years? Where did our freedom come from? Why has America, a place of refuge and hope for many, stood as a beacon of light to the world? Was this all an accident? No nation in history had equal prosperity and privileges. Our founding fathers had clear and deliberate ideas and principals, upon which they built our nation. These ideas and principals are found in the declaration of independence and the US constitution.

Starting in the 1960’s, a radical change took place in America. The moral fiber, that had been our nation’s foundation, began unraveling because of our liberal court systems. Soon public school SAT scores plummeted and the schools were filled with violence. Large scale corruption also entered our cities and government. Fast forward about fort years to the 21st century, very few citizens knew or understood the new direction America was taking towards a global economy, government, military and religion, through the United Nations. Even fewer citizens realized there was a world constitution already drafted with a world court. What is the role of the NSA, Biometric Consortium, Echelon, the Earth Charter, and Biosphere Reserves? You will be shocked at the evidence, documents, and other proof in my books and videos.

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